Om BIMTypeCode

BIMTypeCode DK is typecoding made simple. With an easy-to-understand coding structure based on design requirements, Danish building practice and experiences from complex to simple BIM projects. The structure of BIMTypeCode 2022 EN is further development of the BIM7AA Type code, which is based on the SfB system. The english language version is under translation.

BIM TypeCode is prepared by the BIM grassroots i BIM7AA in collaboration with our Danish engineering network as well BIM Stockholm.

About BIM7AA

BIM7AA is a voluntary collaboration between 7 architectural firms in Denmark. BIM7AA aims to develop and continuously optimize common BIM tools, -methods and processes with a focus on interdisciplinary collaboration.

BIM7AA's publications are grounded in the significant ICT and design experience that BIM7AA's member companies possess.

On this website, BIM7AA and BIM Stockholm's BIM TypeKode publication will be continuously published.

On BIM7AA's own website you will find BIM7AA's independent publications.

News is published on BIM7AA's LinkedIn-profile.

Contact can be addressed to

BIMTypeCode has been developed in collaboration with the following engineering companies