Applicable material

BIMTypeCode consists of several documents. Below is a description of which documents apply.

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Guidance and value list

The core publication contains instructions and a list of values with the type codes. The guide describes the structure of the system and specifies, among other things, that the BIMTypeCode always consists of 3 characters. Currently the guide is only released in danish. The list of values lists the encoding structure in Excel.

BIMTypeCode 2022 (Guide)

BIMTypeCode 2022 (List of Values)


For the technical subjects, a list of values with type numbers in Excel has been released. It shows an example of handling serial numbers for the installation subjects, by hard-coded company structure. Currently the type number list is only released in danish.

BIMTypeCode 2022 - BIMTypeNumber (Value list)

BIM Detailing and Responsibility (BDR)

For the integration of BIMTypeCode in the ICT management of the project's model development in the project phases, a detailing and distribution of responsibilities form has been released.

BIMTypeCode 2022 - BIM Detailing and Responsibility (BDR)

Technical Support Files

For work with the use of BIMTypeCode, three technical support files have been released for Revit; an IFC parameter set file, a Shared Parameters file and Assembly Codes.

The Shared Parameters file only contains BIMTypeCode parameters. In relation to BIM7AA, only parameter names have therefore been adjusted and parameters which are not relevant have not been included the structure.

Revit IFC parameter set file (Right click to download)

Revit Assembly Codes (Right click to download)

Revit Shared Parameters file (Right click to download)

Since the parameters deal with the same thing and have only changed names, we have found it best to reuse the GUID from BIM7AA. If you have previously used BIM7AA Shared Parameters from BIM7AA in Revit project templates, they must be updated to get a new name.

They can be done with plugins and dynamo graphs. We have chosen to release a dynamo graph which: 1. Deletes the BIM7AA parameters (including any filled-in values). 2. The BIMTypeCode parameters are located as a type property in the Generic Model.

From here you can select as many categories as desired under Project Parameters. Note: The graph is used at your own risk.

Revit Dynamo Shared Parameters swap file (Right click to download)

Example file

Example file in the form of a danish-language reference model, which shows how to use the BIMTypeCode structure, across building parts, components and disciplines. The file does not represent examples of other industry standards, guidelines or guidelines.

The following parameters are validated in the model: BIMTypeCode, BIMTypeNumber, BIMTypeID and BIMTypeCode-Description.

Download BIMTypeCode reference model (Right click, Save link as, to download). Select one or more objects to see examples of the structure.


BIMTypeCode 2022 is closely related to BIM7AA's previous BIM7AA Typecode v3.2. Therefore, we have released two changelogs, which can be used to compare the differences in the two releases.

BIMTypeCode 2022 x BIM7AA v3.2 changelog BIMTypeCode

BIMTypeCode 2022 x BIM7AA v3.2 changelog BIMTypeNumber


The BIMTypeCode documents can also be found on GitHub


BIMTypeCode 2022 releases from BIM7AA is licensed under CC BY-ND 4.0

BIMTypeCode 2022 - BIMTypeNumber (List of values) from BIM7AA is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0